According to National Climate Data, our great city of Calgary enjoys the highest total number of hours of bright sunshine per year of any major Canadian city. This makes the city bright and vibrant, but can have adverse effects on unprotected eyes. Studies show that exposure to the light we see and the light we don't see (Ultraviolet Light) are linked to eye diseases like macular degeneration (Blue Light) and the formation of cataracts (Ultraviolet Light). Of all Canadians, Calgarians have the greatest need to protect their eyes from sunlight and the subsequent damage sunlight can cause.

Whether you are in need of prescription or non-prescription sunwear, Eyeclectic's knowledgeable resource team will answer questions, make recommendations, and fit you with sunglasses that will suit your particular situation and needs.

Eyeclectic's extensive collections of sunglasses are simple and complex, sexy and ordinary, sporty and fun. We carry some traditional luxury and sports brands, and also non-traditional, seasonal, funky, and even hand-made styles. Some of the sunglass lines we carry are represented to the right. To see regular updates to the sunglass collections each Eyeclectic store is currently carrying, subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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